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Transportation Management Software

Custom Software Solution's Transportation Management System program is an elite software system that is geared toward your business needs. TMS is not an "off the shelf" Dispatch program. Our years of customization make this one of the best transportation management system out there. We offer a sophisticated configuration menu that allows you to turn on/off the multitude of options to help your dispatchers and your company perform optimally. Customizing browser screens for each dispatcher, custom reports for decision making and custom programming for your special needs are what make our TMS program the best choice out there!


With 30 years experience writing and selling transportation software systems, TMS Dispatch has everything you need for a very affordable price! TMS also offers other modules that can be purchased to integrate with Dispatch or used singularly as standalone programs, including: Tickets, Mileage & Fuel Tax, Trip Auditor, Driver Logs & Safety, and Maintenance.



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